Busy Bee Representing CAFA

Yes, I have been very busy going around representing the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts.  It’s surprising to me the busier I find myself lately the more I try to accomplish.  It’s a damn good feeling.

Since the CAFA website has been up and running there has been some minor tweaks to take care of, but it has been running smoothly.  The exciting part of all this is receiving the submissions for either the 103rd Annual Exhibition, or submission files for artist pages for existing CAFA members.

As much as I must give thanks to my husband for all the technical work done on the website, I have to credit him even more so.  Not only did he design and coded the entire CAFA site, but in the process he has also been advancing my skills in Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and HTML.  If you don’t know by now, I will be a perpetual student because I love to learn.

What’s even more fascinating than adding skills to my résumé is the amazing talent that we have in our CAFA organization.  Having worked closely with the member artists’ artwork images, I have seen some of the coolest and most evocative contemporary artwork.

This past week, CAFA’s president and an advisor of the organization met with me to continue integrating strategies to keep CAFA going strong long after this year’s annual exhibition.  We have many good things brewing for artists and art admirers everywhere.  For now, I am focusing on promoting the 103rd Annual Exhibition to all artists in the country.  By going out to gallery exhibitions and meeting artists is a great way to achieve this, and seeing the art when it’s fresh on the spot is a great added bonus.

As the face of CAFA, I must portray a certain attitude of confidence.  This .pdf CAFA-Exhibitionpromo is one of many future ones that will contain my picture I’m sure, but it features a wide range of information.

Please feel free to share.  Think of any artist you may know in the fields drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, graphics, mixed media, and collage.  The best part is the easy submission online, which mean you can enter wherever you may live in the United States.

With that I leave you in a hurry to get my hands muddy with clay.

Sunil Howlader - Harmony Acrylic on canvas, 30"x42"
Sunil Howlader – Harmony
Acrylic on canvas, 30″x42″

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