Clay Creations

A few night ago night I started working with my clay.  For a while I have wanted to do some hand-building, but because this technique is not my strong I had been putting it off.  Last year I lost a sketchbook in which I had some really cool sketched out forms that I wanted to make.  I have not yet lost hope of finding it.  Since then, I have spent a bit of time procrastinating on my ceramics in general, let alone my not-yet-existent sculptural ceramics.

During some down time at work this week, I grabbed my sketchbook and my new Lamy fountain pen that my husband bought me for Christmas, and I started to doodle.  These doodles eventually led me to finding some nice 3D forms that are good potential ceramic forms, and now I am just waiting to have some extra time (perhaps during a weekend) to start on that adventure.

Until then, getting on the wheel and throwing some vessels is always good practice which I can definitely always use.  The first night I didn’t accomplish much other than  conditioning my state of mind into creation mode.  Yesterday morning, taking the dog for a walk in the crisp cold morning was a good wake up call.  Of course I made sure I had a good breakfast because my body consumes more calories than I can feed it, especially when I’m exuding tons of energy on handling clay on the wheel.

It took me a good half hour just setting up and warming up.  In the next hour following, I successfully completed this bottle which I must say is probably one of the better (and taller) bottles I have made ever.  Bottles, or closed vessels, used to come naturally to me when I started taking ceramics in school.  Soon after that I lost the ability to close my vessels without destruction as the end result.

Check out my beautiful bottle:

claybottle bottle

By the way, if you are wondering about these pictures, I edited my iPhone snapshots with an application called DistressedFX, which I have had for a while and I love using.

In the next few days, as I work more out of my clay, I will keep posting pictures for all to see.  Until then…!


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