Ceramic Artist Halima Cassell

Did you see that video? Those sculptures? What did you think?

I am completely and utterly inspired by this woman and her beautiful patterned sculptures. Not only is her work exceptional, but her conceptual methodology is also stimulating and thought-provoking. This video made me dig out my pen and sketchbook to start doodling. I make some quick free hand sketching of shapes and lines that start developing forms that may look appealing, and sometimes reworking those forms until I’m happy with a few final compositions to try out with clay in the near future.

Halima Cassell

In comparison to her deep and spatially well thought out carved designs, my designs have mostly been superficial carvings on wheel thrown forms such as this one:


However I have had pieces with much deeper carvings like this one:


This is a direction I took in my third semester of ceramics.  Texture has always played a big role in my creations, and this carving came from the desire to make clay look like ruffled fabric.  I may not have accomplished the fabric similarity but I found a satisfying technique which I could develop further.  There have been pieces that follow this style of carving, but I know that it can evolve into an even more sculptural format.

I hope you enjoyed the video and my thought process of work.  It is time for me to go back to sketching or hand-building, while doing some laundry (did I mention my  work studio is in my basement right next to the washer and dryer?).


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