Gray Day

Living in the Northeast of the United States you get to experience each season very markedly.  This winter season feels very long and drawn out.  Maybe it’s because it has been really cold, or because we have gotten much more snow than the past few years.

Yesterday, Connecticut go hit with a ‘much bigger than expected’ storm that dumped one to two inches of snow per hour.  Today, according to weather predictions I had seen yesterday, I expected to have some sun.

As I drove to work earlier, everything looked and felt so gray.  I looked in the mirror and I also looked gray.  I had to take a snapshot of this almost sad gray day.  As I write this now I am imagining outside just got even more gray with the rain.


Along the way I took a few snapshots of nice scenic landscapes around Berlin, CT.  It’s a good thing I left for work early.  As I reviewed my snapshots I found this other photo much more promising and optimistic. It didn’t look as gray as this day has turned out to be.  It must be cabin fever but I’m looking forward to better brighter spring days.



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