Saturday Night @ Six Summit Gallery

It has been nearly two weeks since my last post and I have to fess up about how very guilty I have felt about it. Sure, I have been busy with so many other aspects of my life, but my blog was left suffering without any visitors. Last week was one of the busiest and exhausting, both at home and at work, so comparatively this week should be a breeze.

This past Saturday I finally able to attend an opening reception at Six Summit Gallery in Ivoryton, CT.  I invited my mother in law to come along as I ventured to a new gallery to see some artwork and meet some artists.

As soon as we turned onto the Main Street of Ivoryton we got the feeling of the quintessential New England town that people see on movies.  It was a cute little downtown which was coming alive with culture all around it.  Six Summit Gallery is right across the Ivoryton Playhouse and surrounded by a few other small businesses, and at 7 PM on a Saturday people were beginning to stroll right into the middle of the social happenings.

Six Summit Gallery has a nice spot on the corner of Summit and Main Street.  Its big inviting front windows were captivating to the public and made me excited for what was to come.  When you walk in to the raised platform space you notice that it’s not a huge gallery but the space was well utilized.  Consisting of three divided areas, the middle being the biggest, all the walls filled with energetic and effusive artwork.

This evening the gallery was featuring eight artists working in painting, photography, collage, and sculpture.  Of course, there were some artists that stood out to both, my mother in law and myself.  One of my favorite artist of the featured group was Andria Alex, whose expressionist paintings contain as much happy energy as her personality.  She and I spoke briefly as I handed her my CAFA card (which also includes the url to this blog).  She was the nice, easy to talk, and never without a smile on her face.  Even on her business card she shows her playfulness as there’s a picture of her in mid jump with a big inviting smile.

Alex also created a mural design for the Pearl Street Window Project in Hartford.  I will go and check it out in the near future and I’ll snap some photos to show you all.

Andria Alex - Cape Cod I
Andria Alex – Cape Cod I
Andria Alex - My Brushes Triptych
Andria Alex – My Brushes Triptych

Another artist showing there that night was Anne Bachelier, a french painter who studied at L’École des Beaux Arts.  She has a unique style which transports you, the viewer, into a dream-state fairy tale world.  These paintings were also intense evoking an emotional response from her spectators.

Anne Bachelier - L'amour Des Oiseau De Nuit
Anne Bachelier – L’amour Des Oiseau De Nuit
Anne Bachelier - La Miroir De Larme
Anne Bachelier – La Miroir De Larme

Other artists there worth mentioning was collage/assemblage artist Nicole Brauch who attempts to put together an autobiographical story through her work and using historical references.  She made simple statements with her melancholic compositions.

There was also the work of Steven Assael whose figurative work  is strikingly beautiful.  His work reminds me of the soft portraits of Renoir but with a little more romanticism involved.  Born in NYC, he studied in the Pratt Institute and he is one of the best representational figurative of his times.

It was an excellent show and I am glad I was there to see the art and meet some of the artists.  Sunil Howlader was another artist who was exhibiting his work that night, he is also a member of CT Academy of Fine Arts.  An image of one of his paintings is featured in my post Busy Bee Representing CAFA.  He invited me to his solo show at the Fresh Ayer Gallery in Old Lyme, CT this coming Friday which I plan to write about, of course.

All in all, it was a good night to go out and see some art, as is any other night of the week.  My mother-in-law enjoyed herself, and we had a good conversation on the way home regarding the artwork we saw.  Let’s have more night like these, good art, good people, and good fun.


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