Empty Bowls @ CCSU

Empty Bowls
Empty Bowls

Have you heard of Empty Bowls?  It is an international grassroots movement to fight hunger by gathering potters, teachers, craftspeople and the community to produce some handmade bowls.  Once the bowls are created and decorated the community comes together for a meal, an event where the bowls are sold.  The money is then donated to organizations working to end hunger.

It’s a thoughtful project for which I was happy to volunteer.  Vicente Garcia is an amazing artist and very inspiring ceramics professor under whom I studied at CCSU, he invited me to join, and how could I refuse?  If I’m not mistaken, this was the second year he was carrying out this event in the CCSU ceramics studio.  It consists of three days of work: a day to throw all the bowls, another day to trim all ceramic pieces, and the last day to glaze and decorate.  Last night we executed the throwing of at least 300 bowls between 15-20 people who showed up to throw and a few others who were great helpers.

It was a fun night for a great cause.  It’s never NOT a good time when you put a bunch of potters together in a studio.  Here are some pictures of the initial part of this project:

Vicente Garcia
Vicente Garcia

The table surface that you see in these pictures was full with bowls about 3 or 4 times (or more).  The helpers I mentioned earlier were transferring the bowls to the glazing room across the hallway until that was full too.  There were also a few shelves on wheels that were being used and were also full with more bowls.

That's me
That’s me






All in all, I thought it was a very successful night, but we aren’t done just yet. The empty bowls fundraising event is not until the beginning of April, but I will make sure to be there so that I can then write about here.  So I hope that you come back to see the end result.  Until then.

That's everyone else
That’s everyone else
More bowls
More bowls

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