Sculpture by the GW Bridge

Peter Lundberg
Peter Lundberg – Euler
Concrete and stainless steel

This week I have been lucky enough to have some time off one job.  My husband, a friend, and I all took the opportunity to travel southward to visit a close friend of ours.

We travel south quite often to visit family, and as the usual “co-pilot” I get to admire all the landmarks on the way down.  And if it were up to me I would make my husband (the driver) stop at each instance where I see a possible shot for a photograph.

Well, this pictured sculpture is one that I see often because it’s on our route, one of the first stops I would make.  As we come off the Hudson River Parkway to get onto the George Washington Bridge in New York, I never fail to admire this sculpture.  This time, however, I took some time to research the art I always see by the bridge and found that it’s by sculpture artist Peter Lundberg.  A shiny metal in an oval form comprised of three twisted bands coming together to create such form.  Its grounded stance gives a sense of heaviness but as you look around it and through its negative spaces you get a sense of lightness.  The use of concrete and stainless steel material gives the sculpture a perception of belonging with its natural surroundings as well as linking it to the great architectural giant that is the George Washington Bridge.

Euler is definitely is a beautiful piece of sculpture that can be appreciated by all whether you are artistically inclined or not.  I don’t know how many motorists are traveling through this area but by being positioned right by the GW Bridge, my guess is that it gets many viewers, passerbys, who I hope learn to appreciate the simplicity, beauty, and thought of sculpture.  That is the importance of public art, it should be readily available to all.

With that thought I leave you all to ponder on art on your own account, hoping to find some more art to blog about soon.


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