Abstract snapshot

Through the passage
Through the passage

This past week, as I mentioned in my Sculpture by the GW Bridge post, I was traveling. The 13-hour ride to and from was well worth it to see a friend who I imagine was my sister in a past life. However, I was able to do very little concerning the art scene.

Today I would like to share some snapshot I took a few days ago.  It is a creeping feeling I get, perhaps my intuition or gut instinct, which dictates me to grab a camera, point, and shoot.  These days that task is made much easier with phone cameras which is always handy.  These particular snapshots cried out to me because of their perceptive abstraction.  What appealed to me most was that they almost looked like paintings.  The similarity of brush strokes really stood out.  The first image you see was left as it was taken.  This second one below I manipulated a bit in Photoshop to create a different feel.

Spotting the light
Spotting the light

I hope to demonstrate that everybody has the ability to find and make art in their every day lives.  Art makes life a whole lot better for me and I hope that I can spread this feeling to others.  Abstract art is not just learned in the classroom, it can be learned intuitively like my gut reaction to take such pictures.

Can anyone figure out what these are pictures of?  I hope to hear some answers from all of you.


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