235th day of owls

Finally back to writing.  It has been two months, over 60 days, that I have not written a post.  It feels good to get back into it.  What can I say other than I’ve been busy.  Though it has been a busy time finishing the semester at CCSU and keeping up with annual exhibition duties for CAFA, I am learning that the less one writes, the easier it gets to keep putting it off, as with anything.

This past Memorial Day weekend finally broke the writing dry spell.  Taking advantage of a three-day weekend, hubby and I took off to Fredericksburg, Virginia to visit family.  I had about a 7-hour car ride to think about my next post.  I thought about taking my mother-in-law and sister-in-law to a show, but I could not find an opening reception going on, and with a very weak internet connection I gave up looking.  Instead, I thought I should talk to the ‘owl lady‘ about her trajectory in the 365: an owl a day journey.

Some might look at it and say it’s just an owl-obsessed blog, except it’s not.  In fact, when she started this whole project it wasn’t about owls at all.  As a busy and accomplished mom and elementary art teacher (she was teacher of the year for her county in 2013), she began this exercise in creativity for herself only, to see where her imagination could take her.  Sometimes, when you are not a full-time artist, it’s hard to find the time to dedicate to our craft and we need a bit of a push like taking a class, or starting a blog, or as she is doing, follow a 365-day prompt.

Following a day-by-day prompt in a book written by Noah Scalin, she started to use owls only after the prompt for the 2nd day elicited the use of her favorite animal as inspiration.  From that day forth it has been owls, owls owls!  She has done very well for getting her creativity flowing while also inspiring her students, fellow teachers, and her own kids.

We talked about this project she embarked on as she cleaned her “messy” studio.  Obviously, it has been a while since she saw the space I call a studio.  She related stories of her vacation with her kids and being quirky and ingenious about her daily owl.  She said that the daily owl becomes like an autobiographical recount of her daily routine.  These owls come whether or not the day was good or not, and as with any good artist, her owls evoke the feelings, the victories and defeats of her long days.

She was in the midst of creating an owl 235th.  The prompt said to “use only your body (or a friend’s) to make something.”  She actually wrote me in as a guest artist and we configured an owl out of the beauty marks on her right arm, I drew it, and her 235th blog post was created.  I was lucky enough to also be there for her 236th day where she took an owl (made day 84) out gallivanting around downtown.

The pictures below include shots of her owls in her home studio and around town.  I hope you enjoy the owls as much as I (and all of her fans) do each day.

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2 thoughts on “235th day of owls

  1. Ha! Paola! It was great having you guys down this weekend. Thanks for talking “art” and “owls” with me. Thanks for writing about my journey too! I love the photo of the door with the inconspicuous shoes.


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