Long-term Goals of Creative People

New London, CT
New London, CT

There’s been few discussions, between my husband and I, about our future prospects.  We have really been the perfect example of living day-to-day.  Mostly anyway.  Probably because I never was much of  a planner but more of a daydreamer, and my husband, likewise, does not have rigid plans for his careers.

Lately, however, as we have both started to establish ourselves in projects and pieces of what we would like to do, suddenly a mix of plans and dreams start to form for us in front of our eyes.  Just recently, while he and I were visiting family in Virginia, we visited a gallery in downtown Fredericksburg that specialized in 3D artwork.  The gallery had a nice large space in which it displayed  artwork including work from its resident artists.  This has been a business idea/dream building in my head for the past year or two but for my husband the idea didn’t crawl into his veins until he saw that cool gallery down south.

These past few months I have watched the prices of houses in New London, CT and have seen such low prices accompanied by many foreclosures in the area.  Another outcome of a recessive economy that follows cheap housing sometimes are artists looking for a place to live or a place to set up galleries to show their artwork and studios.

While having lunch with a friend last week, we discussed the dynamics of the town.  He had lived in the area for a little while and still commutes to the area for work so he knew a bit more about the situation.  My friend mentioned that things went downhill for New London around 2009 when industry left (in this case Pfizer) as it so often happens, leaving many without jobs.  That explained the foreclosure abundance.  As it stands now, New London’s art scene is blooming, so it makes it appealing to the art industry and other artists.  It’s a trend that my friend had seen happen in North Carolina and, he adds, the service industry follows into a town where there are new residents and artists in need of entertainment, food, working materials.

He sparked my interest with one of his last comments, “there are plenty of abandoned commercial building in the area” as I explained the gallery idea we have in mind.  Now, my husband and I have a good idea to what kind of town we want to relocate when we do.  How do other creative people formulate their goals, dreams, and future accomplishment?  Leave a comment, I would love to see other perspectives.


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