When Motivation and Timing Don’t Meet

Maybe it’s because my doctor recommended me some supplements and I’ve gotten this great boost of energy lately.  Or maybe it’s motivation from having a successful CAFA annual show. Whatever the reason, I am feeling good and I want to do more and I want to do it better.

After my visit to Artwell Gallery last week for a sketch session, I have tried hard to keep up with the sketching.  While at the beach, I made a couple  of sketches using only a pen.  Yesterday I went out and bought myself a small watercolor sketchbook and a Niji waterbrush which is awesome!  Then I went home and organized my watercolor pencils, along with the fine tip pens, and a sharpener, ready to hit the road and find a spot to sketch.

Yesterday I wanted to go to Hartford’s Bushnell Park because they have Monday Night Free Jazz series for the next six weeks or so.  Here I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to capture on my new sketchbook.  But then the gray clouds finally decided to discharge their heavy load of rain water.  Today I wanted to go out elsewhere to sketch some cool architectural detail but by the time I get out there it will again be raining.

Instead I made this sketch of my cat as practice.  Of course she moved before I finished so some might be imagined.  Also, I made a deliberate decision to paint the couch blue instead of the true brown it is, the cat (being mostly brown) would have gotten lost, I needed a bit more contrast.

let me know what you think, I hope you like it.

There will definitely be more post of sketches coming your way.





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