Sketch sketch sketch

Sketching all the time.

This past weekend was very uneventful for me, as far as going out to look at what’s happening with the arts.  It also happened to be my second wedding anniversary, so my husband and I celebrated our time together, and I left my art world behind for a little while.

One thing I did do this weekend was tend to my garden.  When you have a garden you can’t leave town for weekend without having someone to water your plants for you, just like the need to find some pet sitters for our cat and dog.  By the way, if you have seen my recent posts, On Passion and When Motivation And Timing Don’t Meet, you probably saw sketches of my cat and dog.  Here’s an actual pictures of them so that you may compare them to my sketches:



As I weed my garden, in the hot sun most days, I cannot help seeing the delightful beauty that nature is.  Yes, it’s a little mushy, but the older I get I find more beauty in my garden than I do in a glittery, too expensive, pretty dress at the mall.

Even seeing the bees in my garden make me happy.  This is why [this weekend] I started to sketch in my garden.  What I have so far is only the initial sketch.  I am hoping I get some time today to color it, I want to try using gouache as a medium rather than watercolor pencils as I have been using for my everyday sketching.  I have seen some sketches by a CT Sketcher posted online and her results are always triumphant.  This decision came easy as I already own some tubes of gouache that haven’t been used in years, so it’s time to put them to use.

I’ll be posting the finished piece soon but until then, here is the unfinished sketch of my garden:

Garden sketches (unfinished)
Garden sketches (unfinished)



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