Weekly Photo Challenge – Fray

This idea sprung up in my head and it would not go away. I wanted to showcase more of my everyday photos and what a better way than with a good weekly challenge.

Here is my photo for the “FRAY” challenge.

fray 2014.08.22


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Fray

  1. Bravo! Do passersby ever notice how effectively leaves and shrubs help to camouflage the gnarled branches that so many trees project? I noticed in my photos of a tree outside my patio that when I pointed my lens at the “tree” it began to reveal different sides of itself that I never noticed before. You must have felt the same way when you finally sat down and looked at the photos you took. It is truly a creative moment that many photographer’s accidentally experience. I liked your photo. Thanks for sharing and please continue to do so. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Gerry! When I take photos I am always looking for diagonals for my composition; and I took some inspiring tips, from an artist friend of mine, to get down to the ground to look for interesting angles. The wild berry tree in my neighbor’s front yard always intrigued me and I stared at it a lot, but it was magical to me from this angle. The texture of the bark and the leafless branches emphasized by the rays of sun really captivated me.

      Thanks for opening up a discussion about it!


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