Start of a new year

Every year, when I was young, once my birthday had come and gone it was a bittersweet moment because the end of summer/beginning of school was near.

This year was no different.

Even though I no longer have “school” to attend to, I still keep a scholarly schedule working at CCSU as the gallery assistant. Things really started to get moving around the last two weeks of August (after my birthday) and August/September (it may not be December 31st) marks a new year for me at CCSU and at CAFA. Not only am I working on organizing an online photo exhibition for the latter of the two, but at CCSU we are already full speed and hands on the first exhibition for the semester.

The first show opens a week from today, and it’s the art faculty show.  Even though I may know the work of some of the teachers with who I had class, there’s many other teachers whose work I have not seen yet.  I am very excited to see (and study) all the artwork knowing the faculty, first as a student, and now more as a colleague.

This is what our postcard looks like:                                                                                                                                   FacultyExhibit2014front FacultyExhibit2014back

If you are around the central Connecticut area next week, Thursday, come on down for some refreshments and some dazzling art.  We will have everything from sculpture, illustration, painting, photography, ceramics, and more.


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