Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

Just Over The Bridge... Lies My Big Adventure.
Just Over The Bridge… Lies My Big Adventure.
Family Outing On The Hills Of Connecticut
Family Outing On The Hills Of Connecticut

Today, for this challenge, I went way back into my photographic chronology.

That can only mean one thing, I am in need of more adventures!!

When I found my stash of photos, I actually found a few that might have worked for the challenge. I narrowed it down to two because I simply could not pick between the them.

I would love to hear (read) your thoughts on these adventure frames.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

    1. Good question. Figuratively, beyond the bridge is the beginning of my adventure, which is what I want most in life: to travel, see new places, and meet new friends. I am in the process of crossing that bridge ready for what may come.

      In the literal sense, on the other side of this bridge lies Brooklyn town.

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      1. I was actually asking in the literal sense 🙂 Haven’t been to the US yet…so, happy travels to you & me!


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