WPC: Humanity

Since yesterday was a busy day for me I did not get to post my weekly challenge photo.  Sometimes life gets in the way of writing or making art, but those two always pull me back quickly to do so.

The challenge for this week is humanity, something which we should all be familiar with, was a hard one for me.  Since I usually look through my archives of photographs for these challenges, unless I have time to go shoot new frames, I am realizing that I have not delved into portraiture enough.  For this challenge I found it necessary to choose a picture of family/friends because those are the only people I actually photograph.

So a little bulb in my head lit up.  I MUST go out there and start photographing strangers!

Yes, I must say that scares me a little.  But we are all just humans and so we all have similar feelings, thoughts, fears, hopes, and dreams.  If, only, we could get past our differences, we could make magical progress.

Now, I could go on and on about my own hopes and dreams for humanity, but I am ready to post my photo representing an instance of humanity.

I hope you like it.  Comments welcome.

Meeting for the First Time
Meeting for the First Time

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