Unveiling an Exhibition


IT IS DONE! Well, at least the first part of it all.

Let me fill you in, it’s only fair. I’m talking about the juried online exhibition I have prepared for CAFA (Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts).

The prospectus is finally up on our website (here), and the marketing has begun to travel through the web of tweeters, facebookers, bloggers, artist call websites, etc.

We start taking submissions on October 20th.  So, to all photographers out there, get your best shots ready!!

Photo by Leonard Hellerman

If you know any photographers, don’t hesitate to pass this one to them.  It’s our first online show and we are so excited because we will reach an even bigger number of artists through this channel.  Not only is it our first online exhibition but we are NOW accepting international artists!  We will be expanding our artist community and that makes me so happy.  I also start thinking about future possibilities for this organization.  While we maintain our highest standards in art selection, we don’t leave any artist out that is intending to create fine art.

If you’d like to connect with CAFA, you can visit our website or click here to like our Facebook page and keep up with our updates!!

With that I leave you…onto my next hunt for art related events.


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