WPC: Nighttime

When it comes to night time photography, I find it so much harder to captivate such subtle beauties.  So, for this challenge I decided to post multiple photos, practically every photo I have taken in the night.  Sadly they were all taken with my handy-dandy Iphone (I still own the 4S version) so the images are not great resolution, though I hope you like the content.

I have a mild obsession with the moon, from its breathless bright beauty to the gravitational power it has over tides, but I have not been successful at getting great shots.  I will keep working on making sure I have the right camera and a tripod, that should make a big difference.

As I prepare and stare at these images I am about to post, I cannot help but think how beautifully obscure the subjects look in the dark.  When your eyes capture a barely-there silhouette it seems to make you crave more.

Comments are welcome…I hope you like it, come back soon!!


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