“You can see Rome”

Before the Art Faculty Exhibition comes to an end at CCSU Art Galleries, there is one more piece of art that I must show that I did not include in the visual recap post.

The reason I waited to post images of this particular piece was because, first, I needed to take good pictures of it and it was sort of tricky to do so.  Secondly, this one needed to have just a little background information.

The artist is Adam Niklewicz, who is an adjunct professor of illustration and painting at CCSU.  His piece being exhibited in our CCSU Art Galleries is titled ‘Rome’.  Here are some images of his piece.

As Adam spoke of his work, he explained an old polish saying for when somebody is cutting a slice of bread too thin. “You can see Rome through the holes of this [piece of] bread”.

That was all the explanation needed, but without it many people took the piece of bread for granted and passed it by even though there was a sign indicating the viewer to look through the bread.  However, once given a little more information, viewers left in wonder because the piece of art was more than just a piece of bread.  It was a well thought out concept on Niklewicz’s part, and left some people in awe as many of the comments from students’ mouths were “Aw, cool!”

This is the kind of work that Niklewicz likes present in galleries, though he is highly skilled in drawing, and illustration.  Check out this mural art he created in Hartford, CT.

Not only is it beautiful but it is über creative in the way it’s presented (it comes alive when [rain]water hits it) but it fits well within the Hartford historical context, while simultaneously adding dynamic public art to decorate our capital city.  Click here if you’d like to learn more about the Charter Oak Tree project.

If you are in the Connecticut area and would like to come see it, you can until October 9th, check out the CCSU Art Galleries website for directions and hours the gallery is open.  I know it isn’t the same as seeing it in person, but what do you think of this piece of contemporary artwork?  Would love to read your feedback!


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