A Late WPC Submission

Yes, I am late again this week on posting my photos for this Friday’s Weekly Challenge.

To say that I have been busy would be an understatement.  Events seemed to pack themselves all into this week.

Nah, that’s not quite right.

My prediction is that I will keep as busy, if not more so, through the next few months.  Perhaps it’s this newfound motivation which has sparked my energy.  Things are moving ahead, and I’m jumping right along into motion.  The satisfaction I get from working with art is huge, obviously more so than money.  But the ecstatic feeling of using your energy for the creation of something from nothing, or even just capturing a certain moment in this fleeing life, that’s what I live for.

When I finally get chances to photograph a strange beautiful new place, it’s rare but it’s like existing in dream state.  This photo (below) I snapped in a rare absent place I had never been before.  In fact, I never knew the place existed even though it was located in the same town I grew up.  Being there was like a distant dream, but I managed to get some great shots.  What do you think of this one??

Leaving Dusk Behind
Leaving Dusk Behind

Comments are always welcome!


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