WPC: Descent

This one is an easy one…

Back in 2008 my mom and I made our way down south to Peru. My sister was able to join us through our mid-stay. Once she joined us in Lima, we packed up our stuff and headed to Cuzco, eventually making our way (for the first time) to the famous ruins of Machu Picchu.

Today, when I saw the title ‘Descent’ for the weekly photo challenge, I knew to go back to the pictures of climbing (up/down) this famous mountain.

Here are two pictures.  The first will show you the entrance to climb the iconic Machu Picchu (with a red dot indicating whereabouts we were in the second picture).  The second picture shows you the descent.

It was great to capture this moment when my mother, sister, and cousin are carefully descending the stone steps with a hint of acrophobia on their faces.  We all made it down in one piece.  The whole experience was exhilarating and I recommend it to anyone.  I hope to go back with my husband soon.

Enjoy, and go here to see others’ responses to the challenge.


4 thoughts on “WPC: Descent

  1. The perfect image for “descent”. Great to have a shared experience. Our visit to Machu Picchu was a never-to-be forgotten experience. Descending Huanapicchu was real challenge but a great achievement. Thanks for visiting. Look forward to following you in the coming months. Best wishes. 🙂

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