WPC: Achievement

The timing for this photo challenge couldn’t have been better….well, maybe two days later might have been better but we’ll run with it.

Just this past Friday I finished making a dress for my friend.  One of my oldest friends asked me to sew her a dress last year to wear to the captain’s dinner on a cruise she was embarking on.  As the creator of that first dress I constantly focused on the mistakes that should have been better.  She, on the other hand, was so utterly happy with the outcome and she got compliments from many.

Fast forward (almost exactly) a year and this friend comes to me with another dress request.  This time even fancier.  Saturday night she went to a military ball somewhere in Texas and she wore the new dress I just finished for her.  Today, I finally can post the pictures of her wearing the dress.

I am proud of what I made for her.  When I was in school working to get a degree in fashion design I didn’t put the time in that I needed to for the work to be well made.  As I analyze my past now I can see that my patience has grown immensely, so much so that instead of frustration and abandonment, now I can problem solve as I find myself wondering what to do next, how to alter the pattern, which technique to use, etc.  The increase in patience I attribute to the two years of ceramics classes I took, and my professor (Vicente Garcia) requiring high standards from his students.

The only problem now (and I’m not saying it’s a bad problem) is that more people are coming to me with dress requests and I have limited time.  At some point I would really love to get back to ceramics and sculpture.  Ah, the life of an artist!

I have to say, she really makes the dress look good doesn’t she?  What do you think of the dress??


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