In Memory of…

Life is short but it sure is sweet.

About a week ago the physical world lost a good soul.  Mark Strathy; artist, art professor at Central Connecticut State University, mentor to many artists and students, great boss to work with; peacefully passed away in his sleep.  My deepest sympathies go out to his girlfriend, and all of his family.

Strathy came into my life when I started to work at CCSU.  He was one (of two) of the gallery directors.  Working for him was always free of stress as much as it was always a lesson for me to simply be around him and his lectures to his students.  Those students who took his classes semester after semester talk about him as a great resource with awesome artistic skills which inspired them and his colleagues around him.

As we shared memories of Strathy, Monica Hewryk (a colleague and former student of the artist at CCSU) and I smiled at the thought of a warm chuckle from above because he used to say “You don’t get famous until you die.”

His artwork was always mesmerizing.  His large-scale oil paintings or watercolors have dreamlike scenarios in which he embedded his allegories that made you think deeply, laugh, or sometimes took you out of your comfort zone.

Let’s celebrate his life and his creative genius simply by admiring his work, through it he lives on.  After 20 years of living and having your studio in Brooklyn (Driggs Ave.), people will surely miss you.  However, you left a deep mark here in Connecticut too, and especially at Central (CCSU).

Rest in peace…



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