Eilen Jewell Music Concert

Yes, I know that this blog is supposed to be about art. However, as my friend and I were discussing last night, music and art can be articulated with the same language.  Besides, I am avid music explorer and it is also one of my biggest sources of inspiration. You won’t find me creating without music.

When I discovered Eilen Jewell for the first time, she transported me to another time.  Her music is pure and it carries with it so much history.  What I mean by this is you can really hear the roots of her music which is based on traditional blues, jazz, country, and little bit of rock and roll.

Among all the new ever evolving genres of music I am glad that some artists are getting back to the origins of music in the United States.  Jazz is becoming more prevalent, as is folk music.  Artists are not only inspired by these genres but are composing within them, and the outcome is awesome.  For a long time now I have said ‘we need to get back to basics’ in many sectors of society.  Right before my eyes, it’s happening to music and I’m loving it!

Eilen Jewell is a master at composing songs.  Her lyrics have depth, which is something I crave in music and these days it’s not easy to find.  However, besides the lyrics, the accompanying guitar and bass are an impending explosion of talent.

So why am I writing about Eilen Jewell today?  Last night I had the chance to go see her live in New Haven.  I was overjoyed that I stumbled on this event because she, in all her simplicity, rocked the house.  Cafe 9 is a small little music venue that features up and coming artists or independent musicians.  The venue was full with spectators anticipating the good show Jewell and her band put on.

Eilen Jewell, Cafe 9, New Haven, CT February 12, 2014
Eilen Jewell, Cafe 9, New Haven, CT February 12, 2014

The video I posted at the top is a song I really like and one that she sang last night.  It shows her guitar and harmonica skills along with her soft sweet voice that I could listen to forever.  At the end of the show she greeting her fans and signed posters and albums.  I made sure to tell her to keep making music always, and to come back to the east coast soon.  I hope you enjoy her music as much as I do.

Eilen and I
Jerry G. Miller’s guitar





As an audiophile…

…I must share this music video, I love it in every language.  Calle13 does not disapoint!

Ok, yea my political inclination might have pushed me to post this.  I hope you enjoy it too!!