Working Process

Here’s a short and sweet post:

This hollow donut, or infinity sculpture hangs from my floor lamp right over my wheel.

Tonight I sat down to throw some pieces and, since I didn’t have much time, I had to think of what I wanted to do.  With my clay centered on the wheel, it was waiting to become something beautiful but I hadn’t decided what just yet.  Then I looked up and I saw my sculpture staring right back at me reminding me that I wanted to continue with my infinity series by making some mugs.

Come back soon, I’ll be posting some pictures of them when they’re done.  These mugs need to be ready soon since they will be traveling with me to Kansas City, Missouri for the NCECA conference.  See you all soon!



Hustle of life

It seems I may have gotten a bit lazy about updating my page.

On the other hand, it could be  that I am getting somewhat more ambitious about my career goals and writing has been, sadly, a lesser priority.  As much as I love writing, it’s not my career choice.  This doesn’t change one of my long-term goals of writing a book….someday.

What career goals are be keeping me so busy?

Besides my two jobs, which keep me pretty busy, I am keeping my hands busy in clay.

New(er) work yet in progress
New(er) work yet in progress

Creating new bodies of work is exhausting when you find yourself always trying to buy a little time for solitude, music, and clay.  My most important goal is to develop artwork that makes sense and work which communicates what I have, for so long, been trying to say.  That in itself has been psychologically daunting because, inevitably, this incorporates some introspection.  As insightful as this process is, it is gut-wrenching when it’s not common practice.

Naturally, my next goal is to show my work, because what is the point in divulging if not to spark a conversation about it.  This takes some social skills which I am constantly trying to improve.  It includes going to galleries, meeting other artists and curators, applying for artist opportunities, and maintaining social media updated among others.

Speaking of artist opportunities brings me to other goals: find a residency (or a few) to help me grow artistically while preparing myself to find an MFA program that will take me.  This takes some research, preparation, and inspiration as well.

In the time left over for the rest of my life, I try to be with family, read a book, finally learn to play the guitar, travel, organize my kitchen, and feed myself.

It’s no wonder to myself that I can’t seem to hop on the computer to write another post.  It doesn’t mean I have stopped going to see art or even talking about it with others.  I am fascinated by the depth of learning throughout life, it’s a deep like the ocean floor and as detailed as marine life.

Still, I want to take readers on a journey of my life immersed in the arts.  One of the reasons I started this blog.  It might get a bit redesigned but its core will remain the same.  In the meanwhile, I will attempt to post more often which means more post will be simply photos of my interesting daily events.  There are so many good things happening and worry not, I will keep anyone reading updated!!

[Oh, and thanks for reading!]


Art in the state of Connecticut

Fall is the time of year known for the abundance of apples growing, the Oktoberfest events happening everywhere, Thanksgiving plans stewing, and the bright alluring colors of the foliage.

If you are an artist you are probably enjoying all these great attributes of the season, but you are also probably very busy creating work for one or multiple autumn art festivals.  For now I am keeping my head afloat with new work, but the first show is coming up in three weeks and there’s still so much to do!

This is the time to get organized to be efficient.

So what is happening in Connecticut that has me excited and busy all at once, you ask?  This year I am first-time participant of Open Studios in Hartford, a city-wide event where.  This will be happening Saturday & Sunday, November 14 & 15, 2015.  There are close to 250 artists participating in this event, it is sure to leave your art yearning satisfied!!

There are 22 locations throughout Hartford that will be featuring art and artists from around the area.  Below is the list of locations with addresses:

#1 Oak Hill Art Studio, 120 Holcombe Street
#2 Hartford Weaving Center, 40 Woodland Street
#3 Connecticut Historical Society, One Elizabeth Street
#4 Venom Vintage & Creative Art Space, 11 Whitney Street
#5 Passages Gallery, 509 Farmington Avenue
#6 Majorca, 2074 Park Street
#7 Arbor Arts Center, 56 Arbor Street
#8 Real Art Ways, 56 Arbor Street
#9 30 Arbor Street, 30 Arbor Street
#10 The Dirt Salon, 50 Bartholomew Avenue
#11 1429 New Park & Bartholomew
#12 Trinity College Fifth Year Fellows, Trinity College
#13 Kempczynski Gallery & Studio, 130 Washington Street
#14 Colt Gateway, 140 Huyshope Avenue
#15 Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts @ Colt Gateway
#16 First Presbyterian Church, 136 Capitol Avenue
#17 Hartford Artisan Showcase, CT Convention Center
#18 Hartford Dada Art Show, Capital Community College, 950 Main
#19 Hartford Prints, 42 1/2 Pratt Street
#19 Lindsey Fyfe Studio, 75 Pratt Street #504
#19 The Tobacco Shop Gallery, 89 Pratt Street
#20 ArtSpace Hartford, 555 Asylum Street
#20 Union Station Great Hall, One Union Place
#22 M. D. Robertson Photo Arts, 69 Myrtle Street C2

Here is a postcard that has been going around, but if you need more information, be sure to check out their website at:  

Hope to see you there!  I have been working on a lot of new work for this show.  At my table you can find some awesome sculptures, big and little, as well as some great practical pieces like coffee mugs, bowls, pitchers, tumblers, etc.  I want to leave you all wanting more, so come see me at the Colt Gateway (#14)!!

Summer = Festivals

If you’re wondering around CT looking for something fun to do, come to Walnut Beach and find me. I’ll be there all day selling my ceramic work.

The Walnut Beach Art & Craft Festival will not let anybody down. There will be food, art, music, and good times.

I hope to see you all there!


WPC: Gone, But Not Forgotten

This past September, right before the season changed to autumn, we (my husband and family) lost a friend, a loyal member of the family that dogs usually are.

Buddy was 11+ years old, he loved being outside and chasing after woodchucks.  He was a good friend to me, even better and for longer to my husband and his parents.  There was nothing he loved more than going for a walk, especially with ‘grandma.’

Sadly, Buddy had cancer and was in discomfort and pain so my husband made the hard decision to put him to sleep.  He is no longer in pain, and even though he’s gone physically, there is still part of him that remains.

This post is a response to the weekly photo challenge.  You can see others’ responses here.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Fray

This idea sprung up in my head and it would not go away. I wanted to showcase more of my everyday photos and what a better way than with a good weekly challenge.

Here is my photo for the “FRAY” challenge.

fray 2014.08.22

Birthday Post


I came across this picture of myself the other day.  It was taken at CAFA’s opening reception night by photographic artist Leonard Hellerman who also serves on our council.

This, I’m sure, was just an accident but I happen to like accidents.  And I also happen to like this picture of myself so I decided to post it because it’s my birthday and I’m celebrating me today.  It’s been a great day so far!