Artist Statement

My work is a reflection of my nature, a guttural need to touch, feel, and react. More profoundly my work is, in itself, a reaction to my visual and social environment. Through abstract sculptural forms I develop a language to communicate my unspoken riddled thoughts and emotions about my life experiences. Self-reflection is also granted through the creative process.

The ceramic forms I create are developed from my affinity to nature’s biomorphic lines, shapes, and forms including subtle references to the figure. As an artist there is an urge within to interpret not only the beauty but also the transformation we all experience, however intangible it may seem. This can be observed in my instinctive approach of the process.

Each phase of the ceramic process emphasizes the ever-changing state of our own existence, a constant that human nature attempts to resist. Change, as an element of my work, becomes the catalyst; and clay in its finished form becomes the object in which I attempt to capture this ever so transient element. Pit fires, raku, and glazes, whose chemistry shares the same essence, are some techniques that complete the form to create more depth to its character.


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