Connecticut Arts

From museums one weekend to gallery visits the next is how I spend my free time in the lovely state of Connecticut.

Two weekends ago (already!) I made my way to the Slater Museum in Norwich, CT.  They were having the opening reception for their Annual Connecticut Artists Juried Exhibition.  A fellow ceramic artist, with whom I work a lot, Monica Hewryk, was juried into the exhibition so we ventured to the reception to see the rest of the CT artists’ skills.

Check out Monica Hewryk below next to her piece:

Monica Hewryk

To my delight, I was able to recognize so many artists in the exhibition.  I saw the work of many who are also members of CAFA (Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts).  These members are very active in the annual exhibition and repeated recipients of the awards too, so it doesn’t shock me that they are active elsewhere.  Check out the beautiful work below.  And if you get a chance to see it in person, it’s even better!!

With these beautiful imagery, I leave you to write another post about another exhibition, and other artists also pouring their hearts out onto canvases and installations.  Until my next art stop!



Quick Update

Today I’m posting some photos of my work. The following pieces were accepted into some juried exhibitions and I wanted to share my excitement here.

Like crazy, I have been entering some competitions for 3D artwork.  Last week I found out three of my pieces made it in.  The first was one of my “rhino” minis.  It’s about 3.75 by 3.5 by 3.75 inches.  It’s pretty tiny.  It was accepted to a “small works” exhibition put on by the Clay Studio in Philadelphia.  Since I used to live in Philly, this was such exciting news!!!  If you’re in the Philadelphia area, be sure to check it out, Small Favors XI opens on March 25, 2016 but you can find more information here.

The same day I found out about the small piece getting accepted into that show, I also found out two of my other pieces were accepted into a different juried exhibition.  These pieces were both made last year, one in the spring and the other in the fall.  It makes me happy to finally have my pieces be shown.  These two were juried into an exhibition for the National Association of Women Artists.  You can check out the exhibition artists’ work on their website.  Please check it out and feel free to share the link with the world.

Soon I will post the photos of all my new works since last summer.  For now, I need to finish my many works in progress and make new pieces.  Thanks for stopping by.

Art in the state of Connecticut

Fall is the time of year known for the abundance of apples growing, the Oktoberfest events happening everywhere, Thanksgiving plans stewing, and the bright alluring colors of the foliage.

If you are an artist you are probably enjoying all these great attributes of the season, but you are also probably very busy creating work for one or multiple autumn art festivals.  For now I am keeping my head afloat with new work, but the first show is coming up in three weeks and there’s still so much to do!

This is the time to get organized to be efficient.

So what is happening in Connecticut that has me excited and busy all at once, you ask?  This year I am first-time participant of Open Studios in Hartford, a city-wide event where.  This will be happening Saturday & Sunday, November 14 & 15, 2015.  There are close to 250 artists participating in this event, it is sure to leave your art yearning satisfied!!

There are 22 locations throughout Hartford that will be featuring art and artists from around the area.  Below is the list of locations with addresses:

#1 Oak Hill Art Studio, 120 Holcombe Street
#2 Hartford Weaving Center, 40 Woodland Street
#3 Connecticut Historical Society, One Elizabeth Street
#4 Venom Vintage & Creative Art Space, 11 Whitney Street
#5 Passages Gallery, 509 Farmington Avenue
#6 Majorca, 2074 Park Street
#7 Arbor Arts Center, 56 Arbor Street
#8 Real Art Ways, 56 Arbor Street
#9 30 Arbor Street, 30 Arbor Street
#10 The Dirt Salon, 50 Bartholomew Avenue
#11 1429 New Park & Bartholomew
#12 Trinity College Fifth Year Fellows, Trinity College
#13 Kempczynski Gallery & Studio, 130 Washington Street
#14 Colt Gateway, 140 Huyshope Avenue
#15 Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts @ Colt Gateway
#16 First Presbyterian Church, 136 Capitol Avenue
#17 Hartford Artisan Showcase, CT Convention Center
#18 Hartford Dada Art Show, Capital Community College, 950 Main
#19 Hartford Prints, 42 1/2 Pratt Street
#19 Lindsey Fyfe Studio, 75 Pratt Street #504
#19 The Tobacco Shop Gallery, 89 Pratt Street
#20 ArtSpace Hartford, 555 Asylum Street
#20 Union Station Great Hall, One Union Place
#22 M. D. Robertson Photo Arts, 69 Myrtle Street C2

Here is a postcard that has been going around, but if you need more information, be sure to check out their website at:  

Hope to see you there!  I have been working on a lot of new work for this show.  At my table you can find some awesome sculptures, big and little, as well as some great practical pieces like coffee mugs, bowls, pitchers, tumblers, etc.  I want to leave you all wanting more, so come see me at the Colt Gateway (#14)!!

Exhibiting Natural Forms

We have entered the last week of our current exhibition and I recommend for all of you (within reasonable distance of central Connecticut) to come and visit “Natural Forms” before it closes on April 9th.  That’s this Thursday, so hurry up!

As I get back into the rhythm of writing, I can’t help but feel a bit guilty for not having written in two months.  So I am hoping that this post reaches the masses so they can discover the beautiful artwork we presently have installed in our CCSU Art Galleries.

It was a chaotic few weeks prior to the opening of Natural Forms on March 23, 2015.  Logistics for transporting artwork to our gallery took a bit of communication, team work and lots of energy.

The four exhibiting artists were Josh Axelrod, photographer from Vertmont; Amelia de Neergaard, installation artist living and working in Connecticut; Raphaela McCormack, a fiber artist originally from West Ireland living in Rochester, NY; and finally Bryan Nash Gill, a Connecticut artist who worked making relief prints and sculptures.

Raphaela McCormack - Of The Sea
Raphaela McCormack – Of The Sea

All the artists’ work relates so well to each other in this exhibition, it is as if they spoke the same language or carried the same spirit.  And it’s how we relate to all of it that makes for an important insight.  Come and sit on our bench and enjoy the serene movement of de Neergaard’s “River of Trees,” it will clear your mind.  Need a breath of fresh air?  Axelrod’s landscape photos can provide you with that as well.  Or you can get lost in any of Gill’s etchings which seem to have endless layers to them.  As for McCormack’s forms, you can almost picture her vessels drifting on the water toward the horizon.

Amelia de Neergaard by her "Gyre Locust" pods
Amelia de Neergaard by her “Gyre Locust” pods
Josh Axelrod next to his photographs "Taking the Turn" & "Arc"
Josh Axelrod next to his photographs “Taking the Turn” & “Arc”

McCormack’s abaca pulp (made from banana leaves) forms were the original inspirations for Cassandra Broadus-Garcia, the curator (my boss), to put these four artists’ work together and create a very raw escape from the concrete and technological.

Hoping that you will appreciate browsing through the pictures from the exhibition, I leave you, also, with a short video of Bryan Nash Gill from Martha Stewart’s American Made series.

Photography Artist Call

I hope this flyer finds photographers everywhere!!!



Unveiling an Exhibition


IT IS DONE! Well, at least the first part of it all.

Let me fill you in, it’s only fair. I’m talking about the juried online exhibition I have prepared for CAFA (Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts).

The prospectus is finally up on our website (here), and the marketing has begun to travel through the web of tweeters, facebookers, bloggers, artist call websites, etc.

We start taking submissions on October 20th.  So, to all photographers out there, get your best shots ready!!

Photo by Leonard Hellerman

If you know any photographers, don’t hesitate to pass this one to them.  It’s our first online show and we are so excited because we will reach an even bigger number of artists through this channel.  Not only is it our first online exhibition but we are NOW accepting international artists!  We will be expanding our artist community and that makes me so happy.  I also start thinking about future possibilities for this organization.  While we maintain our highest standards in art selection, we don’t leave any artist out that is intending to create fine art.

If you’d like to connect with CAFA, you can visit our website or click here to like our Facebook page and keep up with our updates!!

With that I leave you…onto my next hunt for art related events.

Annual Exhibition – A Sneak Preview

Mystic Arts Center Gallery
Mystic Arts Center Gallery

As you all can see from the picture above, Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts’ 103rd Annual Exhibition is hanging on the walls of the Mystic Arts Center (MAC).  Not only are the walls packed with beautiful paintings, photography, mixed media, etc, but we have more sculptures this year than any previous years, I’m told.

This show represents my first as director of exhibitions for CAFA, and it has been a long haul for me, since September 2013, to finally see the outcome of all the hard work by the council members, the president, the advisors, the MAC and its staff, and myself.

So there it stands for your enjoyment, but just in case my readers are not able to make it to Connecticut for the exhibition, I wanted to share some of the excellent variety of skillful art representing much of the CAFA membership and more.

Gigi Horr Liverant - Crosswalk, Pastel
Gigi Horr Liverant :: Crosswalk :: Pastel :: Best in Show
Karin Forde Whittemore - Her Bedroom, Photography - 2nd Place
Karin Forde Whittemore :: Her Bedroom :: Photography :: 2nd Place











Above, first place, by Liverant, is a masterpiece of color and composition. Some of the jurors’ comments were “stunning, adventurous, fabulous design, and provocative.”  Then came Whittemore’s photograph which, even up close and personal, gives you the sense of a beautiful painting.  The jurors favored it because of its painterly element and spectacular composition.  The jurors themselves thought it was a watercolor when they first viewed the photo, now that’s a powerful character for a photograph.

Gilbert Boro - Copper Mountains, Polished Copper
Gilbert Boro :: Copper Mountains :: Polished Copper
Tom Wysocki - Diminished Mental Capacity, Bronze
Tom Wysocki :: Diminished Mental Capacity :: Bronze










These are some of the sculptures featured in our show this year.  The first, by Boro, is such a simple form with simple elements but juxtaposed just the right way.  I especially like it with the MAC’s patio and the marina in the background.  Wysocki’s piece was one I was happy to see make it into the show because he was a first time competitor in an exhibition, and he crafted even his title just right for the integral composition of his bronze sculpture, so bravo to him.

Sassoon Kosian - I Chiseled Out a Melody
Sassoon Kosian :: I Chiseled Out a Melody
Leila Namin :: An Account of  a Solitude :: Mixed Media
Leila Namin :: An Account of a Solitude :: Mixed Media











This piece by the artist Kosian is just visually entertaining. What was even more entertaining was figuring out which facet of the piece fit into its stand, since every facet has a different angle, it was like finding the missing puzzle piece.  The next piece is by Leila Namin.  A mixed media of acrylics and encaustic is my guess, however it doesn’t matter what it is exactly, it is still one of my favorite pieces of the show.  Its sheer size alone, 72″ x 72″ is our maximum dimension for any entry, engulfs you within the content and it keeps your gaze busy throughout the composition and storytelling she has created.  Her piece is rather dark but whimsical, maybe a bit theatrical, and it makes me crave more.  This means I should find where else she is exhibiting and perhaps write more in-depth about her.

The MAC Gallery
The MAC Gallery













See what a fantastic show we have going on at the MAC right now?!?  It goes on until July 26th, so if you are in the area, I would make an effort to come and look at the talent of artists from California, Florida, Maine, Colorado, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, and more!

If you’d like to connect with CAFA, you can visit our website or click here to like our Facebook page and keep up with our updates!!

Please don’t hesitate to comment or ask questions.  If you are an artist and would like to be featured, you can always email me your artwork, your website, your blog.  Let’s keep the art dialogue rolling!